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Why Us


We maintain an unwavering belief in human potential.  So often, when individuals break the rules or hurt someone or the community, that belief, for many, diminishes.  Society marks "them" as unworthy and less than, a throw away.  This is far from the truth!  

Our mission is to show the world what we already know.  This begins with employers seeking to believe and provide opportunity for the best in others to be uncovered.  For community members to remember their mistakes and see beyond circumstance.   Families to remain patient and steadfast as individuals learn how to interact appropriately in society knowing it takes time to build a life.  And, for the justice involved and returning veterans to forgive themselves and realize they too deserve to live their best life.

You should choose us because this passion is translated into hard work and dedication toward creatively resolving your family and staffing concerns while mitigating the barriers faced by justice impacted individuals and returning veterans..  


  1. We believe impeccable customer service is a right not a luxury.

  2. We understand how the past shaped our present, yet our present redefines our future. 

  3. We believe in the potential of all our clients and treat them as already successful.

  4. No one can succeed on a piecemeal plan. We must work on all parts to achieve true success.

  5. We finish the job, no one is abandoned. 


  1. We base our programming on Evidence Based Programs.

  2. Our interaction utilizes Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Motivational Interviewing techniques (MI)

  3. Our Intensive Personalized Support Services are based on the outcomes of the LS-CMI risk assessment. 

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