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Why Us


We maintain an unwavering belief in human potential. 

Stay Out Solutions

  • Is dedicated to providing opportunity for justice involved and veterans 

  • Listens to the needs and wants of the individual and businesses to provide the right fit

  • Finds or creates solutions that serve the betterment of all involved

  • Finds life changing temporary and permanent placement

  • Takes the time to develop the skills and capabilities of all our clients

  • Builds organizational capacity through training, placement, and staffing agency services 

  • Increases staff productivity, dedication, and retention


  1. We believe impeccable customer service is a right not a luxury.

  2. We understand how the past shaped our present, yet our present redefines our future. 

  3. We believe in the potential of all our clients and treat them as already successful.

  4. No one can succeed on a piecemeal plan. We must work on all parts to achieve true success.

  5. Change is the name of the game, patience, practice, and persistence is how you win.

  6. We finish the job.


  1. Assess client needs aligning candidate with the right employment opportunity

  2. Prepare and teach candidates how to succeed within the workplace

  3. Manage and maintain employee pool to fill agency staffing needs

  4. Support employers when challenges arise increasing placement success

  5. Provide staff and leadership training working with justice involved

  6. Utilize Evidence Based Programs with our Personalized Support Services  

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