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  • Managed over 40 staff across 10 state and federal Work Releases for two years increasing staff retention by 20 percent and upward mobility opportunities Trained over 120 staff on how to work with the criminal justice population

  • Redesigned policy, procedures, trainings, for an On-Call Program staffing federal and state Work Releases to address staff retention and customer satisfaction

  • Enacted new hiring practices across the agency increasing quality candidates, staff retention, and advancement opportunities Established databases to establish metrics measuring level of staff turnover, advancement rate, and utilization

  • Collaborated with Executive Leadership, Human Resources, Federal and State Work Release Directors, Government Agencies, Academic Institution Leadership, Community Support Agencies, and Business Owners

  • Developed and Implemented a Restorative Justice program in Guam addressing and redirecting cultural tension and criminal behavior


Case Management 20 years

Social Services 20 years

Community & Program Development 15 years

  • Assessed client behavior with RNR assessment to determine employment, family, and community success

  • Redirected behavior through positive reinforcement, motivational interviewing,

  • cognitive behavior therapy, group facilitation, wrap around meetings

  • Educated employers, staff, clients, families, and community on expectations, communication, and transition support



  • MA in Criminal Justice:  Seattle University, Seattle, WA

  • Focus-Prison Reentry and Transition Policy and Barriers

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology:  DePaul University, Lincoln Park, IL

  • Law and Society: Focus-Deviant Behavior and Restorative Justice


Evidence Based Certified

  • Risk, Need, Responsively Assessments (RNR) - Case Management

  • Moral Recognition Therapy - Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  • Motivational Interviewing - communication

Non Evidence Based

  • Mediation - community, family, business conflict resolution

  • Wrap Around Facilitation - community based case management

  • Crisis Prevention and Intervention - crisis and conflict de-escalation

  • Project Management - business and community


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