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Ms. Clark is one of the sweetest, determined, and caring individual that I have ever met in life. Upon coming out of prison and having basically nothing but anxiety about where life starts again, she was the foundation I found to help myself find confidence and believe that I could turn my life around. She worked extremely hard with me finding me a great job and connected me with an employer that has now given me a raise, promotion, and has now offered to sponsor me through school. 


Ms. Clark is a wonderful person with the biggest heart I have ever met. She puts others before herself and does so with a bright smile and never expects a thing in return. Meeting Ms. Clark and getting the opportunity to receive her help, there are no words to explain how grateful I am. I owe her more than I could ever repay, for she helped me not only find a job and direction, but helped me build my confidence to believe in myself. I believe where ever she goes in life, the people she has an opportunity to connect with are truly blessed with the best out there.


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