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Junk Removal  and Cleaning Services

Garbage Bag

Why Choose SOS

We are hard-working, dedicated, and passionate about elevating, not only, our employees but the communities we serve.  Our goal is to see your space renewed and bring a smile to your face. By hiring SOS, you are providing the opportunity for individuals to practice positive communication, build connections to their community, and feel proud of the work they do. You are investing in people and changing lives while reviving your space.


How we can help

  • Do the work you don’t want to or can’t do.

  • Bag up and remove unwanted junk and debris creating a clean canvas.

  • Place the item on the curb for exiting tenants to pick up. 

  • Haul junk and debris to the dump, donation centers, or specialized waste recycling.

  • Clean up the space and prepare it for renovation or cleaners.

  • Deep clean the space for showings or the arrival of a new tenant.

  • Cut down and clear out overgrown landscape and junk from the yard.

  • Create a plan that works for you.

What We Do

We provide junk removal and cleaning services to help residential and commercial customers. Our service can include single-item haul away, clearing and removing junk, trash, and yard waste, deep cleaning spaces for quick turnaround, or a combination of the above.


Customers We Serve

Any customer that supports 2nd chance employees *veterans  *homeless  *justice-involved.


Who Are We

We are a ground-breaking social impact enterprise agency in Sacramento that provides employment development services to nontraditional employees. SOS provides employment, support, and training to 2nd Chance justice-impacted, homeless, and veteran individuals fostering loyal and dedicated employees.

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