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Staffing Solutions

Pedestrians from an Ariel View

Why Choose SOS

Working with us will provide increased benefit to your organizations and peace of mind that your staffing challenges can become a thing of the past.


How we can help

  • ​Educate leadership and staff on communication and re-entry process 

  • Assist with applying for federal tax credit and bonding 

  • Determine fit and skill—recruit from multiple sources

  • Address any behavior and performance issues

  • Correct behavior that could reduce productivity and teamwork/cohesion

  • Reduce turn over and financial overhead costs 

What We Do

We build a unique organizational plan to address staffing needs and concerns without the stress of hiring second chance employees.


Organizations We Serve

Any organization that is willing to hire 2nd chance employees *veterans  *homeless  *justice involved


Who Are We

As a ground-breaking consulting and staffing agency in Sacramento, SOS approaches each of our client’s with fresh eyes to develop a customized and unique strategy for hiring loyal and dedicated 2nd chance employees.

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Supporting Employers

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